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I want to share my experience of using Bissell PowerLifter Vacuum Cleaner MediClean.Ispolzuyu this almost every day, for four mesyatsa.Eto first vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter that I had to use it before we had the easiest http://www.wmsoft.info/ vacuum cleaner with bags.

So everything is in order.

The house has three carpet, no animals, but there is a child with persistent allergic reactions and laryngotracheitis.

The basis for the selection of this was the presence of a vacuum cleaner and a Hepa filter aquafiltering 13 recommendations in its use for cleaning allergikov.Tip: dry cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is non-washable!

About the vacuum cleaner and a complete set:


1 Brush for carpets switchable

very comfortable and maneuverable, thanks to the wheels spinning in all directions, I had forgotten what a broom! Pylesoshu them all the apartment on the linoleum great rides (there is dial and silicone band is put forward and the pile) and removes all the dirt better than a broom!

2- Brush for cleaning furniture

Also tried was very pleased at the power of the vacuum cleaner can effectively clean the furniture from dust

3 nozzle for cleaning corners and crevices

He pulls out the dust, even in the most remote and inaccessible corners

4- Turboschёtka

The animals we have, therefore, used the brush once the Palacio removes hair well

5- Hepa filter 13 and intermediate filter

It is wetted and fresh air in the exhaust! No smell of dust! Just great!

6- The little bottle of defoamer

Defoamer I use only when I need to clear something very dusty and dirty (after the winter balcony) .Printsip: the more dirt in the tank, the more water vortex and more likely that the water and gets izmochit promezh.filtr on the engine, in normal regular cleaning of the filter is always dry, and make sense to use, I do not see the anti-foaming agent.

My impressions:

This vacuum cleaner goes emphasis still on quality of cleaning, rather than on any unnecessary bells and whistles funktsiyami.Pylesos simple but indispensable for allergy sufferers, and this is the main panel only two buttons: coiling the cord and on / vykl.Moschnost regulated simply as a damper on pylesose.Shnur usual medium length, I, on the three-ruble note is missing from one propylesosit.Pylesos outlet rather bulky and large (but in height, not width), therefore, it can be easily removed in a corner of the closet, but maneuverable wheels, rides well.

Excellent quality cleaning! After the first application I had a shock when I looked into the water tank after cleaning Photo 3 kovrov.Stary vacuum cleaner, probably does not do its job.

Very powerful vacuum cleaner! Sticks to the carpet, and perfectly removes dust and debris.

If the vacuum cleaner has fallen power, check whether the bucket is fixed well or handle beat a lot of dirt, everything can be easily removed and cleaned

Accessories easily and quickly washed (5 min).

Vacuums totally flimsy, made of high-quality steel pipe materialov.Teleskopicheskaya (conveniently adjustable in length), and tightly attached to the brush and the handle (nothing nowhere and flies do not fall out!)

And yet, for someone that needs a vacuum cleaner ?!

My conclusion: suitable for everybody even if the house is a small mat, it is easy to replace venik.Esli in the house animals and allergies good vacuum cleaner is a must!.

I pylesoshu practically every day and is still in the tank is always very dirty water and a lot of skomkovavsheysya wet dust at the bottom of a pile of sand with a hallway.

And the most important indicator of good work pylesosa- in the rooms, on the furniture was less dust, it means that the vacuum cleaner does not throw back the dust and everything remains in the water.


By this vacuum cleaner periodically required to buy raskhodniki.Stoyat filters are not cheap (replacement of about 1-1.5 times per year) .Penogasitel optional, I do not pokupayu.No I knew what was when I bought pylesos.Dlya basis was the health of my child vacuum cleaner did not disappoint me.

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